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Shauna Kelly Interiors

At a glance

When the time came for Shauna Kelly Interiors to upgrade their office space we took care of everything IT related.

The Challenge

Shauna Kelly Interiors are a class leading interior design and fit out company. They are devoted to creating, designing, and delivering aspiring interior design projects – which are guaranteed to make us all re-think our current living room…

Due to the extensive success and growth of the business, Shauna Kelly Interiors decided it was time to relocate premises and consequently upgrade their IT systems to keep up with demanding requirements.

Our Solution

Fitting out new office space

Moving premises is demanding for any business so we took care of everything IT related. This comprised of a new firewall, network switching and installing WiFi access points.

Migration to the cloud

Transferring all current data, emails and documents to Microsoft 365 meant everything was securely backed up to the cloud and could be easily accessed from anywhere.

Installing new workstations

Replacing the current Apple Macs with high spec Dell Latitude laptops, complete with Windows 10 Professional, enabled Microsoft 365 to work seamlessly.

The Result

  • IT systems and end-user devices set up and ready to go in the new premises, so the SK team could focus on creating their dream set-up.
  • Implementing Microsoft 365 made flexible working and collaboration effortless and with everything now backed-up, data was safe from a potential cyber attack.
  • New, high spec hardware resulted in happier, more productive staff – applications now run with no lag or delay.

Pay as you go IT Support

Shauna Kelly Interiors also opted for IT support after completion of the project. This support is tailored to suit their needs and is offered on a pay as you go basis to meet one-off requirements or resolving an emergency if needed.

Don’t take our word for it!

‘Moving premises was obviously very exciting for us but quite daunting in terms of knowing what IT to invest in. We got in touch with C3 for advice on what we would need to consider and they took care of everything. They installed wifi, set up our new laptops, moved everything to the cloud and there was no disruption to our normal day-to-day operations.

We took their advice and upgraded our Macs to Dell laptops and also invested in Microsoft 365. We had problems with slow running programs and these new laptops were fantastic! It was also reassuring to know our documents and emails were all backed up to the cloud.

Their staff were friendly and professional throughout the project and we now have pay as you go IT support with C3. We can count on them for expert advice and they resolve any issues on the same day.

We would recommend C3 to anyone in need of IT services and solutions, they are so easy to work with and really reliable!’

Liam Kelly, Director at Shauna Kelly Interiors