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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find the info you’re looking for on the rest of our website, then you’ll probably find it here. And if you still have questions, just pick up the phone. In fact, just pick up the phone any time. We love to chat about IT.


What size of business do you typically support?

We specialise in supporting businesses with between 10 – 150 users. While we can also support micro-businesses, we typically find we can add the most value to companies who want to engage our services on an ongoing basis.

What sectors do you have experience in?

We look after a wide range of sectors across Northern Ireland, ranging from manufacturing to hospitality and accountants to solicitors and everything in between. We are not tied to any specific industry, but we do have substantial experience in manufacturing and OT and understand its unique challenges and uptime requirements.

Do you conduct an IT review before recommending services and solutions?

We always start a new engagement with a client with an in-depth review to understand their current infrastructure and how it meets the Ionic baseline standard. We also like to discuss their business, aspirations, growth plans, and how IT fits into the overall strategy We also want to establish any pain points and how we can add value from day one.

How do I choose the correct level of IT to support, and how much does it cost?

As part of an initial client discussion and subsequent IT review, we find out more about your business and the level of support required. At this point, we can propose the level of support we feel is suitable for your businesses based on our experience and understanding of similar sectors. Our base support offering cost starts from £25.00 per user per month for unlimited remote support and has a monthly commit of £300 excl. VAT. You can find out more on this page (link to IT support).

Do you provide 24/7 support?

We provide 24/7 remote and onsite support for clients on our premium support offering, and it’s genuinely 24/7 / 365. We base our 24/7 support on a rotational on-call service that means someone is always available, whether at night, weekends or bank holidays.

What is your average response time?

Our average response time to inbound calls is less than 15sec, but we typically answer calls in 5 sec or less. All clients have a clearly defined SLA based on their recommended support package, whether remote, remote & onsite or 24/7. This is set out clearly in your agreement so that expectations are defined for the relationship to create success for us both. We don’t like setting unrealistic expectations.

Does the distance from your HQ pose any problems?

Ionic IT is based at our offices in Magherafelt, Mid Ulster, which means we are strategically placed just off the M2 to service customers across Northern Ireland within an hour’s commute. While most of our support is provided remotely to clients using our Fusion platform, arranging an onsite visit/appointment or travelling across NI/IE/UK does not pose any issues for our team. Likewise, the same applies to any projects or general consultation.

How many IT engineers do you employ?

Presently we employ 8 engineers to service our growing client base. We grow and scale our business sustainably so that all clients receive the care and attention as set out in their SLA. Our business is based on partnership, and we like to ensure that we keep things personable, even down to the engineer appointed to your business.