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How to Run a Meeting Safely on Zoom

Patrick Cassidy
Nov 30

How to Run a Meeting Safely on Zoom

Before this year the word Zoom didn’t mean that much to us. We hear Zoom now and we think of video calls with our friends, running meetings and of course, a Friday night Zoom quiz.

The increased use of this software has brought many problems and security risks. In April 2020, over 500,000 Zoom accounts were sold on the dark web, malicious files with ‘zoom’ in the name increased by 2000% and ‘zoombombing’ also became a thing.

Installing a file that looks like a legitimate download gave hackers access to users’ devices and information, while ‘zoombombing’ was achieved by using meeting URLs to join meetings that were not meant for them, to cause disruption or find out sensitive information.

Tips for a Safe & Professional Zoom Meeting

  • Make sure the software is up to date, enabling the latest security updates
  • Create a meeting room to screen attendees and let them in one at a time
  • Make sure the host is the only one who can share their screen
  • Lock the meeting room once everyone is there
  • Passcode protect the meeting

Ionic Can Help

Unfortunately, hackers have used the current pandemic as an opportunity, especially to exploit people who are now reliant on technology for their job or to stay in touch with loved ones.

We recommend following our guidelines when using Zoom, implementing 2FA and always downloading software straight from the supplier’s website. You can download Zoom safely here – zoom.us/download

We work with industry-leading cyber security partners to offer our clients the best protection from potential attacks. Get in touch to find out more.



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