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Webroot Certified Partner

Patrick Cassidy
Jul 27

Webroot can protect you!

Nearly half of all businesses (46%) reported a cyber breach or attack in the past 12 months. Cybersecurity threats are crippling businesses every day; even the NHS got it wrong.

When it comes to security, C3 only use the best, and to that end, we are very proud to announce C3 are a Certified Webroot Partner. At C3 we are committed to providing the best tools in the industry to protect our customers and their data. Considerable time and resources are invested to make sure that the products we and our customers use are best of breed.

C3 Computers has completed the Webroot Partner Certification Program for SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection, which adds to C3’s breadth of certifications awarded by numerous worldwide partnerships. C3 has not only achieved one, but the two tracks of the Webroot Certification Program – Sales and Technical.

Why Is This Important to Our Customers?

The endpoint security market has evolved significantly over the past few years, and here at C3, we’re always looking for ways to empower our customers with the best available solutions to protect your data both efficiently and cost-effectively. The shifting nature of cybersecurity threats, and the methods that these threats use to spread, require a new approach to effectively protect your network and data from being compromised. Securing data is now crucial to GDPR compliancy – Are your IT systems GDPR compliant?

Webroot SecureAnywhere is a different type of endpoint protection. It doesn’t use the typical antivirus signature database, but works on metadata and heuristic behaviour patterns. Don’t let this technical jargon scare you, quite simply; Webroot picks the good from the bad. Webroot calculates a numeric MD5 value for each file and checks it against an online database to see if the file has been previously identified as either “good” or “suspicious” – Once a file has been identified as “good”, Webroot deals with the bad and/or unknown files.

When an unknown program executes on a machine and/or device, Webroot monitors the programs actions and journals all changes. If the program being monitored makes a change that is not reversible, Webroot prevents that action from happening. So for example, if a piece of malware wants to send data to an unknown server, Webroot will block that activity. Webroot also sends details about the offending programs data back to its servers. If the program is determined to be malicious, it removes the program and rolls back any changes to your system that the malicious program made. Overall, Webroot proactively works to protect you and your data.

Unlike other endpoint security vendors, Webroot is unique because most of the work is done in the cloud, its compact and lightning fast. Gone are the days of an anti-virus scan slowing down your PC while you’re trying to work! There is no need to worry about what happens when you’re not connected to the Internet either. If a new program is executed on your device when you are not connected, Webroot treats it as an unknown program, taking the appropriate action once it is connected. Webroot is always working, even when you’re not.

Webroot is C3’s only endpoint security partner of choice. All C3 clients are Webroot guaranteed, are you? The impact of a cyber breach or attack can be huge: there’s the time you could lose through having to fix your website or systems, the potential loss of customers, damage to your reputation and all the other potential consequences of a hacker getting their hands on your data.

For more information, get in touch and find out how C3 can help protect and fortify your company from cybersecurity threats, every day.