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The true cost of a lost mobile device

Patrick Cassidy
Jun 03

The true cost of a lost mobile device

No matter how careful we are, sometimes our digital devices get lost or stolen. According to figures from Transport for London there are more than 30,000 lost phones sitting in their lost property room. And two laptops are left on the underground every single day. The stats are mind-blogging.

Frankly, it’s too easy to lose stuff. And it’s very annoying when it happens.

Now think about how you will react when an employee tells you that they’ve lost their work mobile or laptop.

Yes, the device will obviously need placing. That’s the easy bit.

Because have you considered what implications this could have on your business? Specifically:

  • Has everything been backed up?
  • Has the device and data stored been stolen? What if someone accesses the data?
  • How does this affect your company’s security?

And then, there are the practical questions:

  • How long will it take to replace the device?
  • What’s the cost of replacing it?
  • How will that employee get stuff done without their device?

Replacing the lost item is just the tip of the iceberg. Lost devices are a massive data security risk.

Even when an employee loses their personal device, it has implications for the business if they use it to access company data.

Contact us today and let’s do a strategic review on:

  • Your lost device policy
  • How data is backed up, and
  • Data security


We offer mobile device security, remote worker protection, wireless network protection, data loss and managed backups onsite and offsite in the cloud. So we can help to minimise the dangers of a lost mobile phone or laptop. Get in touch for a no-obligation assessment.