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Maneely & Co Estate Agents

At a glance

Transforming Maneely & Cos’ IT meant they could be more efficient, spending more time closing deals and looking after their clients.

The Challenge

Maneely & Co are committed to providing the most reliable property services to their clients, so their IT needs to keep pace. Based in Dungannon, they offer a range of property services including sales, valuations, surveys and lettings.

Due to the nature of the business, Maneely & Co came across problems accessing documents on the move and in meetings away from the office.

Security concerns were also raised due to the confidential nature of these documents… Was this information protected against a potential breach?

Our Solution

Integrating a Cloud-based Platform

Replacing the network with Microsofts’ 365 platform meant emails and documents could be easily accessed outside of the office and were all securely backed up. As part of the process we also migrated all emails from Property Pal to Microsoft Exchange Online.

Securing the System

Securing business and customer data is paramount; this was achieved by installing a firewall and end-point security on all end-user devices. Microsoft 365 also includes a vast range of advanced protection features for extra peace of mind.

No more lagging!

Evaluating the current PC’s used by staff, we were able to offer a low-cost solution of upgrading hard drives & memory – avoiding the need to replace hardware therefore extending the life of the previous investments.

The Result

  • Flexibility was achieved by enabling all staff to access documents on the move.
  • Faster PC’s & devices means less frustration and increased productivity.
  • Secure systems means no more worrying about customer and business data being compromised.
  • Less downtime means more time to spend with clients.


Don’t take our word for it!

‘We are using C3 Computers services for the last few years and staff always provide excellent and professional service.

In 2018 our company started to use OneDrive and C3 Computers created cloud, moved all the documents into it and showed to every staff member how to use it. With Cloud based network our company became more flexible, secure and we are saving more time now.

Staff members are always keen to help and solve all the issues as soon as possible. Every time we contact C3 Computers, we get reliable, knowledgeable, patient and friendly staff member to help, who will explain what happened, will fix it and advise how to avoid the same issue in the future.

We would highly recommend C3 Computers to everyone who is looking to get prompt and professional service.’

Connor Harte, Director at Maneely & Co